VATER Stacy Jones and Miley Cyrus Rely on Vater Sticks

Stacy Jones is a versatile drummer who tours with such different acts as Miley Cyrus, Letter to Cleo, Everclear and The Lemonheads. But regardless of artist or band, Vater is in his stick bag.

The initial contact with Vater sticks was actually quite a coincidence, as Stacy found himself in LA for a session, but forgot to bring sticks. So what to do other than get to a music store to pick up some fresh wood. He did, but his usual sticks were out of stock and he had to try out something new. He chose the Josh Freese signature stick, which was pretty close to the specs he was used to. Also, Josh Freese is a friend of Stacy Jones’, and since the stick felt amazingly good, he immediately texted Josh to tell him he was using ‘his sticks’. And the rest is more or less history…

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