VATER Siros Vaziri Reviews the Gospel Series Fusion Sticks

The Fusion sticks are in between a 5A and a 5B stick in terms of width and they’re a little bit longer. They also have a rounded tip and a short taper, but what does this all mean when you play them?

One of the things Siros Vaziri points out in his review is that the rounded tip really makes stick definition on the ride and hihat and the ghost notes on the snare really comes out. The short taper gives a slight forward feel to the stick, which Siros likes for playing more heavy stuff. Yet at the same time he finds them overall very well balanced, so he also states that playing soft with these sticks is absolutely no issue either.

But most importantly, Siros wants just one pair of sticks that he can use for whatever style of music he plays. And to him, the Vater Gospel Series Fusion sticks are perfect for that.

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