VATER Power Drumming With Guns N’ Roses

G N’ R’s drummer for the last 10 years, Frank “Thunderchucker” Ferrer, has turned to Vater’s powerful 5B wooden sticks to complete his rock-hard playing style.

Still relatively new to Vater, Ferrer clearly isn’t over the honeymoon phase; “I love the weight on them. They’re super strong, they seem to last for ever, and the company is A-number one,” he fawns in the video.

He is also a proponent for Vater’s Buzz Kill drum/cymbal gel dampening system, using the clear pads to help tune his drums, mute them a little and get a bit of the ring out.

As for the Power 5B sticks, his verdict is clear, “You should definitely try out a pair of Vater sticks. You’ll love them. You won’t go back.”

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