VATER Kristina Schiano Covers Foo Fighters

Kristina Schiano knows how to attract a huge crowd on YouTube. And how to hit those drums good! Check out this video, as she beats up those barrels with her Vater sugar maple drum sticks.

Schiano recently swapped to using Vater sticks, as the Suger Maple Concert sticks are a perfect match for her in terms of size, weight and durability. She was a little concerned if the stick – being maple – would be solid enough, but was proved wrong as she only broke one stick in a few weeks, which had never happened to her before. She also points out that they actually help her play better. She found that fast fills just came off so much cleaner than before, which we guess must be a huge upside, as well as inspirational for coming up with new fills and patterns on the drums.

But hey, check out this video where Schiano unboxes and reviews these sticks and shares with us exactly why she decided to make the leap and step up to the Vater drum sticks:

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