VATER De-Mystifying Drum Rudiments With Dave DiCenso

You got your rolls, your diddles, your flams and your drags for building your drummer’s chops. But they’re also powerful ideas that you can use to tell stories with.

Dave DiCenso is a Boston-area drummer whose talent and diverse musicality have scored him a wide range of drumming achievements. Having performed with artists such as Josh Groban, Steve Morse Band, Hiromi, John Petrucci, and Duran Duran, Dave is a widely sought-after player. In addition to his performing abilities, he is also a Professor of Percussion at Berklee College of Music – and an avid Vater stick user, of course.

According to DiCenso it’s better to have 10 ideas that you know how to do 12 different things with – than having 1500 different ideas. Every good story is told based off one idea and in this 60 minute lesson, Dave talks about taking that one idea and diversifying it with multiple creative devices to expand your repertoire, as well as create practical grooves and fills.

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