VATER Become Independent with Mike Johnston’s Exercise

Behind every great drum groove, fill or lick are hours and hours of practicing. Nothing really beats hard work and patience, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be boring getting better.

Mike Johnston from shows you how to get started with this cool exercise that will help you increase the independency between your hands an feet. The basic patterns are two groups of 6 and 4 16th notes that moves around in a fixed order – at first just between the snare and kick, but as you get more and more comfortable with the exercise you should be able to start moving the ‘stick notes’ around the kit and also add the hihat to keep the time in quarternotes.

As Mike points out, this is not a creativity exercise, but more of a technique thing focusing on making your hands and feet independent, so please don’t think of it as a lick or fill type of thing, but practice it for what it is – and eventually you will be able to apply the things you take away from the exercise in your groove and music, actually taking it to a creativity level.

Oh, and did we mention that Mike uses vater drum sticks? Well, he does! 😉

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