SPECTOR What the SpectorCore w/ Piezo Pickup is All About

There’s a new bass beast in town. In one sense, it’s kind of a P bass, but it comes with a certain twist under the bridge!

Yup, the (apparently) single pickup right in the middle between the end of the fretboard and the bridge suggest that this is some kind of Precision-inspired bass. And it does pull off that sound just great. But it is not a single-pickup bass. Under the bridge is a Piezo pickup that you can blend in as much – or as little – as you like. Now, if you do choose to use it, expect tons of coloration to your tone. It adds lows and highs in a very special way that you can get really creative with – and have loads of fun! Just ask Kris Rodgers AKA Dmanlamius from learnbass.net. In this video, he tries out one of the new SpectorCore basses across a wide range of playing techniques, including fingerstyle, chords and slapping.

This is the fretted version of the Spectorcore, but trust us when we say that the fretless version also┬átotally kills it, as the MWAHH gets a whole new dimension added once you blend in that piezo…

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