SPECTOR Comparing the Tone of 3 Different Spector Basses

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned shootout! Like this one. Three different NS2 Spector basses, but each with a unique wood and pickup combination. Let’s tune in…

First up is a Spalt Maple / Walnut back NS2 (fretted) and then a maple gloss black NS2 – also fretted. Both of these basses have a P/J pickup configuration, wheres the final candidate sticks out in several ways. First of all, it’s a fretless bass, but it also has a classic J-type pickup setup – oh and it’s a Spalt Maple / Walnut back wood combo.

The recording was made direct to an audio interface interface (Scarlet 18i20) without the addition of any EQ or compression. All of the basses we set to Bass and Treble at 100% and the pickup blend was dead center.

All strings are DR Nickel Lo Riders.

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