SOURCE AUDIO Ventris Reverb for Poetic Bass Jam

Nathan Navarro does it again. Dials in a sound that inspires him and just goes with the flow and plays something amazing. This time, Source Audio’s new Ventris Dual Reverb is the source for inspiration.

Note how the reverb just seems to embrace the entire tone – from the lowest of lows to the crispy high-end details of fresh bass strings. While reverb may not be the first effect that springs to mind when it comes to bass, it makes a world of difference in the right context – and with the right pedal. In this case, the pedal and playing is simply spot on and in more detail, Navarro is using the “Hall L” Reverb Engine on the Ventris Dual Reverb.

And while we’re at it, check out this video – also by Nathan Navarro – featuring Source Audio’s Nemesis Delay on bass. The approach seems to be the same. Navarro plugs in, resets and simply seems to be inspired by the sound that hits him and plays whatever comes to mind. This time, he browses through several effect engines though, but this definitely gives you a good idea of just how versatile and inspiring the Nemesis Delay really is!

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