SOURCE AUDIO One Series Modulation Demo

Mike Hermans takes three classic modulation effects types out for a spin. But these are not your everyday Chorus, Phaser and Flanger effect pedals. These stompboxes belong to Source Audio’s new One Series pedals that sound great right out of the box, but if you invest just a little time and start exploring the Neuro App that adds tons of new effect types and presets, as well as super-detailed editing options, you virtually enter the tweakhead’s and tone aficionado’s dream.

You get to hear each pedal ‘as is’, but also some of the additional Neuro settings. For instance, the Gemini Chorus gets transformed to a Leslie Rotary simulator, and the Lunar Phaser all of sudden becomes a vibe pedal. Further, the pedals are demoed with clean tone as well as drive, and on both a Stratocaster and a Telecaster. Enjoy a moment of swirly, lush, mind-bending and dreamy greatness with the Gemini Chorus, Lunar Phaser and Mercury Flanger from Source Audio.

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