SOURCE AUDIO Nerding Out on Spring Reverb

Source Audio’s Chief Scientist, Bob Chidlaw, talks in-depth about developing the True Spring reverb engine for the¬†Ventris Reverb. In this video Bob discusses the mechanics and tone of a real spring reverb and what it took to create the Ventris’s beautiful spring sound.

Source Audio ¬†took extreme care in crafting the Ventris’s exceptionally spacious and natural reverb tones. The pedal features 12 onboard reverb engines with an additional 12 available in the Neuro Mobile App. Effect engines include two flavors of Spring and Plate reverb for remarkably authentic vintage tones.

In essence, the pedal perfectly captures the ambient reverberations of a wide range of room sizes from the warm and tight Club engine to the vast and cavernous E-Dome. The Ventris also offers a beautiful collection of “unnatural” reverb effects. The Swell engine creates a reverb swell for subtly emerging puffs of sound. Metal Box imagines the sound of your amp blasting in a claustrophobic, steel walled storage container. Shimmer mixes in angelic octave-up reverberations for an atmospheric sheen. Vocal applies detailed filtering to the reverb for a haunting vocal quality.

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