SOURCE AUDIO Nemesis Delay & Ventris Reverb Stereo Tips

Both the Nemesis Delay and the Ventris Reverb by Source Audio can set your guitar sound up for a larger-than-life vibe on their own. But use them together and you’re off to a whole different planet sonically speaking!

Rhett Shull set out to go in that direction and just take a listen to the first minute of the below video that kicks off with a guitar-driven track that simply oozes delicious, rich and lush delay and reverb. But that’s only the second best thing here. because after this classy intro, Rhett goes through the process of¬†creating these amazing tones, using a Kemper profiling amp, Nemesis Delay and Ventris Reverb.

And along the way, he shares some general tips on how to use delay and reverb in subtle as well as extreme ways to give you – and your guitar – that extra edge and cool vibe.

Tip #1: Use the Slapback preset on the nemesis Delay and dial it in very gently. Keep it ‘below’ the guitar sound and yet it makes a world of difference. To make it even more natural sounding a slight touch of room reverb is added by the Ventis and that’s all you need to go from dull and dry to downright delicious! Of course, as Rhett points out, the amount of effects depends on the room you’re playing in. If it has a lot of natural ambiance, obviously, less effect is necessary.

Tip #2: Dotted 8th-note delay with a big Hall reverb. This combination is great for driving rhythm parts and single notes. Set Nemesis to a dotted 8th Tape Delay and the Ventris for the ‘E-Dome’ preset. Rhett also suggests that you try adding some overdrive for high-pitched, single-note rhythm patterns.

Tip #3: Use the Swell sound of the Ventris, but feed it with delays from the Nemsis to add an extra layer of swells underneath.

Tip #4: To build on Tip #3, you can go even further with the Swell reverb and create a pad-like sound. Simply hit a nice chord and press-and-hold the right footswitchon the Ventris reverb and the sound will ‘hold’ for as long as you press the switch. And you can even play on top of the pad sound.

Tip #5: The last ‘tip’ is really a walkthrough of how the amazing sounds from that intro track was created. Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of Nemesis and Ventris stuff going on in there!

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