SOLOMON Tedcam Reviews the LoFReQ Bass Drum Mic

Tedcam is a small independent gear reviewer, but sometimes that is exactly where you will get a truly unbiased and honest opinion based on a first-hand experience. This review is pretty laid back and the setting is literally a basement that is turned into a crammed rehearsal space. It doesn’t get more real than that!

The LoFReQ is a sub kick mic designed to be used in combination with a more traditional microphone. In this case, Tedcam uses a D6 Audix to pick up the ‘normal’ bass drum sound. You get to hear the full kit with both mics blended together, as well as the D6 in isolation and the LoFReQ on its own. This gives you a pretty good idea of how the standard mic delivers the attack, and not least how the LoFReQ adds a ton of fatness and a ballsy low end character.

Ted wraps up saying that: “Quite frankly, I’m blown away. It’s definitely more than I expected. I have experienced the Yamaha Subkick and home-made sub kicks excel, and this is the greatest sub kick I’ve heard.”  

There is quite a long introduction in the video, so if you are in a hurry just fast forward to 3:32 where the audio demo begins.

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