SOLOMON Quick Puq demo with Effects on Cajon in the Park

Looping has been hot for several years, and there are no immediate indicators that the whole loop craze was just a flavour of the month phenomenon. Just one more reason why Solomon’s new Puq mic for cajon is a brilliant idea!

So, why is Solomon’s dedicated Puq mic for cajon a great concept for loopers? Well, in fact there are several reasons. First of all of course, it sounds great! It’s also super-easy to apply on the fly, which is particularly comfortable for musicians performing on the streets, which is very often the case for the new breed of looping artists. But maybe most important of all in this particular context, when you loop, you often want to differentiate the various layers to make it all blend together nicely.

Now, if you play guitar you can make all kinds of different sounds – slapping the wood, muting the strings, picking, strumming, bending, etc. But if your instrument is a cajon, adding effects could be a great way to make each layer have an identity of its own.

And fortunately, as is being demonstrated in this video, the output of the Puq is perfectly fine to feed a series of stompbox effects!

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