SOLOMON The LoFReQ Subkick on Jazz!? Absolutely!

Who said the LoFReQ subkick from Solomon can’t be used to beef up the kick in jazz music? No one, that’s who! Well, at least Joel Fountain found a way to use it in a very subtle way so it complements his jazz kit perfectly.

Check out his drum cover of ┬áthe tune ‘CMYK’ by Chris Bullock (written by James Blake). And for those gear nerdy enthusiasts out there, here is the recording equipment list:

Overheads – Bock Audio 195
Hi-Hat – AKG 451
Snare – Shure SM57
Snare Bottom – CAD E100s
Toms – CAD 179
Kick – Sennheiser e602
SubKick – Solomon Lofreq
Mono Room – Peluso R14 (ribbon)

Mic Pre’s:
True Precision 8
Daking Mic Pre IV

Apogee Symphony

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