SOLOMON LoFReQ Review in Sound on Sound


Sound on Sound takes a look at the Solomon LoFReQ sub-microphone for kick drums. The test evolves around a large 24″ kick, as well as a smaller 20″ to get something from each end of the kick spectrum.

The reviewer is very clear about the fact that this mic was never meant as a stand-alone or one-stop solution for kick drums. IN fact he points out that Solomon is being very honest about what this mic does (and does not) offer in their marketing efforts:

“The LoFreq is a well thought out and stylish-looking microphone that is very sensibly priced. After a little getting used to, it was a pleasure to use in the various recording sessions I tried it on, and it gave me useful results on a number of sources. Rather than claiming to have reinvented the wheel, or provide a one-stop shop solution, Solomon themselves are quite rightly marketing the LoFreq as a tool for ‘rounding out’ the sound of your low-frequency instruments — and primarily kick drums. Whether or not these mics are actually capturing something that belongs to the source, as I explained earlier, doesn’t matter one jot as long as it gives you something that helps capture, or enhance, the sound of your source — and I think ‘rounding out’ is a really fair description of what this mic has to offer. If you’re working on material that has space for plenty of low end, then there’s a good chance you’ll get some value from this microphone. If you record a lot of live drums, and especially if you are already a fan of using a Subkick-type mic, then the LoFreq is well worth checking out.”

– Neil Rogers, Sound on Sound

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