SOLOMON LoFReQ Rave Review by Mix Magazine

The legendary studio and recording magazine, Mix, tested the Solomon LoFReQ in the studio and found it perfect for picking up sub-harmonic content on kick drums and large toms. They didn’t really find any cons, though… 🙂

“On a few sessions, I paired the LoFReQ with a Shure Beta 91, Beta 52 and AKG D12VR all with great results. The level is perfect, needing little or no help from a preamp, the bloom at the back is short, making it tuck in nicely with the kick in mic, and the footprint is small, making the placement of an additional kick out mic an easy thing to do.

Next, I tried the LoFReQ under a low tom for an overdub session. The top mic was a Josephson e22s condenser to capture that attack. The LoFReQ picked up the ball at the bottom of the spectrum making the drum speak as prominently as I liked, just by increasing the LoFReQ’s fader.”

PROS: Provides a great way to capture low frequencies around a kick drum or tom.
CONS: None found.

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