SOLOMON LoFreQ Puts The Oomph Back In Kick Recording

You could’ve titled this demo “How Daru Jones Got His Groove Back”. Of course, he never lost it, but there’s no mistaking the extra vigor to his playing once he hears the new bountiful boom of his bass drum.

Using a speaker as a low-frequency capture mic is nothing new. The Beatles used this technique as far back as the recordings of “Paperback Writer” and “Rain”. However, with the LoFreQ sub mic, Solomon has taken all the coveted chest-rumbling, sub-freq goodness and put it in a smaller package, at half the weight of the conventional manufactured sub-mic, and half the price as well. In addition, the LoFreQ mic mounts onto standard mic stands for almost limitless placement and stand options.

It’s a pretty nifty package for sure, but more importantly it breathes new life into your drum recordings – just look at the grin on Daru Jones’s face. That’s one happy funkmeister.

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