SOLOMON LoFReQ 5-Step Demo Revealing the Power of Subharmonics

This demo is Indonesian. Luckily, music and sound is a universal language so the main part of this video is perfectly understandable by everyone who are into great drum sound.

There are already a few of these kind of demo videos around, but this one has an extra ‘layer’. Normally, the LoFReQ YouTube demos let you hear the sound of the kick with a regular microphone – and then with the LoFReQ blended in. Then, sometimes also the LoFReQ in isolation. This video, however, starts out by giving you the sound only of the LoFReQ and then only the sound of an AKG mic picking up the kick. You can hear the rest of the kit in the background only through natural bleed between mics. Finally, you get the blend of both kick mics.

So far, so good. Now you have a pretty good idea of how each of the kick mics sound on their own, as well as in combination. But you need the final layer to get the right context. So, the final touch is blending in the rest of the mics on the kit and the room, and then again at first only with the AKG mic – and finally with the LoFReQ to add the ture low end. The interesting thing is that while the difference is quite obvious when only listening to the kick, then the effect becomes more subtle in a mix, BUT the difference is still there and the fact is that this seemingly small addition relay makes a huge difference to the overall sound and feel of the kit. You may hear once in a while that ‘Less is More’. Well, sometimes ‘Just a Little More Makes All of the Difference’…

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