ROTOSOUND Tru Bass 88 String Review by InThePocket

The Tru Bass 88 are black nylon bass strings, which obviously give you a very different tone compared to steel or nickel strings. But in what way? And what types of music are they great for?

YouTuber, InThePocket, finds out in this videos. He mounted the Tru Bass 88 on a Precision bass and gives it a go. Please note that this one of those videos where the microphone picking up the sound is vey ambient. Might have been a little closer to the presenter and the cabinet, but you can still hear what’s being said – and get a sense of the unique tone that nylon on a P bass gives you.

InThePocket’s conclusion: “With awesome feel, tone and longevity, they leave virtually no wear on your fingers compared to regular metal roundwounds. They’re great for emulating a double-bass sound and are very well suited for Bass heavy styles like Dub, Reggae, Soul and Ska etc.”


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