ROTOSOUND Old Versus New Bass Strings A/B Test

All bass player have different tresholds when it comes to the urge to swap strings. For Erik Arkö it’s 3-4 gigs, but this time he did a test to compare the sound of new vs old strings.

Of course, the context matters, too. If you have and ol P bass with flats, you probably want your strings to be years old, but if you are a slapper or like in this case a metal player with added crisp overdrive, you want the bite to be super present. As mentioned, Erik Arkö recorded a bass track with his 3-4-gigs-old strings. Then changed for a new set of Rotos and recorded again. Can you tell the difference?

We think there is a slight, but indeed audible, difference. Yet, the important thing to notice is that the old strings still have bite and character, but the new ones even more so. For many players, the ‘old’ strings could easily do a few more gigs, but on the other hand, it’s also a great example that even though you feel comfortable with your used strings, new ones will give you that extra level of crispiness and cut-through power!

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