ROTOSOUND Guthrie Govan Jams Out on Rotos

There are few guitar players around who master as many various musical genres as Guthrie Govan. He combines impeccable technique with harmonic and theoretical overview and tons of creative ideas and approaches – oh and of course Rotosound guitar strings!

Rotosound is a classic British company that doesn’t shout too much about their own qualities, however obvious they may be. As they put it: The humble guitar string seldom evokes the same kind of excitement or obsession as instruments, amps or pedals. Nonetheless, your strings are a vital component of the sounds you make – your entire rig would be distressingly quiet without them! – so it really does make a lot of sense to pick the right ones.

Guhtrie Govan surely agrees on that, and when it came to pick a string type that would serve his every need, his choice was the R10 Roto Yellow 6 String Electric.

“I do some fairly barbaric things to my strings on a daily basis, so I’ve experimented with many different brands over the years, in a quest for maximum consistency, tuning stability, durability and all-round tonal splendour. After much research, the conclusion I reached was simply this: Rotosounds rock ?”

– Guthrie Govan

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