ROTOSOUND Govan Twists and Bends Away on The Open Highway

By now, we guess that most guitarists know that Guthrie Govan is one of the most versatile players you will ever find. He has his own style, but has pieced it together from tons of different musical genres and playing techniques. For instance, check out this video where he kicks off his solo on ‘The Open Highway’ inspired by some nice country-style chicken pickin’ a la Steve Morse in his Dixie Dregs era. Then, he grabs the pick and goes for a more classic rock/shredder approach.

Also, notice how much he bends – in both directions and both half and full note steps – all along the way. Did we mention, Guthrie Govan plays Rotosound strings? Well, he does and maybe that is because he found that they can take a good bending and beating, yet stil remain in tune!

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