ROTOSOUND Adding Definition and Clarity to Strings

Rotosound was founded back in 1958, and more than anything the company is known for making strings with a tonal character that oozes clarity and definition. Oh, and for being the company that invented roundwound strings – which in turn plays a huge part in adding treble and clarity. Before the introduction of the roundwound strings, developed in collaboration with The Who bassist, John Entwistle, in 1966, players were stuck with flatwound strings.

Nothing wrong with flats, and they do cater for a particular type of tone that is highly desirable for certain musical genres or playing styles, but it’s probably safe to claim that today the standard in guitar and bass strings is the roundwound type.

Rotosound was founded by James How, and even to this day, it’s a family business, now chaired┬áby How’s son, Jason, who gives you the brief Rotosound company history in this video.

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