MXL Recording an Entire Album with the Cube

Graham from The Recording Revolution is a busy guy. Updating the YouTube channel frequently, mixing for clients, and well, running a business made it hard for him to free up time to focus on his own music. Therefore, he decided to flick the ‘Creativity Switch’…

The concept is simple. If you get stuck, try to break your usual flow – your habits. Could be anything from reversing the order of your morning routines to finding alternative routes to work, Graham explains.

What he decided to do, was to set up some strict rules for recording and mixing a new EP – rules that would turn everything completely upside down. He wanted to use a very minimalistic gear setup and only use tools that he was not already familiar with. As it turned out, he ended up recording everything with the MXL Cube large condenser microphone through an Apogee One 2-channel USB audio interface. He used Reason 7 as the DAW, plug-ins that he had never used before and mixing everything on KRK headphones and standard Apple earbuds. Oh, and everything was mixed at Starbucks!

In this video, Graham talks more about the entire process and experience.

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