MXL Harry Mack Freestyling and Saluting the 990 Microphone

Freestyle rap is such a cool phenomenon. You need to be extremely snappy and know your rhymes by heart. Improvising is the key and Harry Mack is among the best there is out there.

Harry Mack also uses an MXL 990 in the studio to capture his performances, so MXL invited him by their headquarters for a quick challenge and open jam. The simply gave him two cardboard boxes. One is filled with various items that he needs to pick up and move to the other box, while doing a few improvised lines about that particular item. Man, his brain is working fast and he makes it seem so easy, just pulling one brilliant line after another out of his sleeve. Less surprisingly, the last few items are variations of MXL’s 990 – the very microphone that Harry Mack uses. But regardless of whether it’s the standard model, the ‘patriotic’ model or a vintage, he has a line and a rhyme ready to go!

Please give it up for Harry Mack!

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