MXL Getting Practical With The CR-77

This is about as hands-on as it gets. Veteran mic reviewer Bandrew Scott of Podcastage offers a straightforward appraisal of the CR-77 Dynamic Stage Vocal Microphone from MXL.

Eager to get into it, Scott runs though the specs at breakneck speed before commencing the real test of CR-77 with voice, acoustic, and electric guitar – as well as demonstrating the proficiency of the polar pattern and recording quality at different distances to the mic.

Build quality is amazing, he notes. The all-metal construction feels like you could use it for anything without worrying that it would ever break. As for the sonics, there’s no doubt that the CR-77 excels primarily in capturing vocals (not surprising, since it is a vocal mic), with a very nice broadcast sound and tone to it. It fares well with electric guitar too, but for acoustic guitar, it’s not the ideal mic, he concludes.

Used in a live setting exclusively, the studio quality sound might not offer a discernible difference on stage, if you compare the CR-77 with e.g. your trusty old SM58. On the other hand, the stylish looks “will make people think you look cooler than you really are,” he adds jokingly.


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