MORLEY Worshipping The Volume Pedal

Nothing says devotion like lavish amounts of reverbs and delay coupled with beautiful swells and blooms from a Morley PVO+ Volume Plus pedal. It’s positively divine.

Morley’s Volume Plus pedal is a versatile volume pedal that gives you two different performance options. Its electro-optical circuitry is completely free of pots or other moving components that can wear out and become noisy. In its standard configuration, the Volume Plus acts as a regular, full-range volume pedal, with an audio taper function that lets you perform violin-like audio swells.

However, the cool thing is that you can also set a “minimum volume level” for the Volume Plus. This is perfect for going between lead and rhythm levels, or for compensating between pickup settings, and ensures that you never dip below the intended minimum volume for the song.

In the video, the demonstrator uses the latter function to great effect as he soars into blustering leads and back again.

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