MORLEY The Tone King Tests Two Mini Pedals

The Tone King took on two mini Morleys during his ’30 pedals in 30 days’ challenge on YouTube. let’s hear what they sound like and what he has to say about them.

The pedals on the block on the 25th day of the challenge are Maverick Mini Wah and the Mini Volume. Yep. Wah and Volume – definitely two Morley specialties! But let’s hear what the Tone King has to say about these pedals: “WAH, WAH, WAH – quit yer crying, and check out the Morley MINI Series. Yup, you heard me bitches… Morley makes MINI Rockers, for tight pedalboards! All kidding aside now – these are VERY cool pedals. In this video, I show you how well these pedals fit on compact pedalboards – and you know how tight space is on a pedalboard. PLUS, one of my favorite features of the Maverick Mini Wah is that you don’t have that awkward pressure of having to toe down to get it going. All you have to do is tilt it forward, and you’re all set. So, whether you’re sitting or rocking out on stage – it will get the job done! I’m a HUGE fan of Morley.”

Well, so are we. So, let’s hear how they sound in the hands (and feet) of the Tone King!

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