MORLEY Optical and Switchless Make Life on Guitar Easier

Bill and Scott have spent more than a quarter of a century each, dedicating their time and thoughts to coming up with designs that make life on guitar a lot easier.

The idea about optical control in a wah or volume pedal is not new. In fact, the first pedals with such a design could be found way back in the late 60s. One of the key advantages of this approach is durability. A shutter is gradually stopping the light between the LED and the photocell, which means there are no mechanical parts in play that could be worn out. Traditional designs involve a potentiometer that we al know will start to ‘crackle’ at some point. As Bill and Scott puts it, “then you know it’s toime for a new wah pedal.” Obviously, their conclusion is that in some bizarre way they would wish for their pedals to have a shorter lifetime so people would go buy new ones, but on the other hand, they are extremely proud to deliver a pedal that just plain works – and keeps working.


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