MORLEY New and Colorful Mini Pedal Design Presented at NAMM

Morley presented a new design for their line of Mini pedals. Now, the look matches their full-size wah and volume pedals, only with a smaller footprint. In the near future, they will port the entire Mini pedal line to this new – yet classic – design.

Also, featuring this new footprint, a few exclusive and very colourful design were revealed from the new Morley Customshop range that for now focuses on some of their high-profile artists. For instance the George Lynch signature pedal is now available in a mesmerizing yellow and purple tiger stripe design, and Steve Vai’s signature pedal (Bad Horsie 2) comes with artwork that Vai actually created himself, as he is not only an iconic guitarist, but also a graphics artist. Finally, a brand-new custom pedal co-developed with Brazilian super shredder Kiko Loureiro of Megadeth was shown at the Morley NAMM 2018 booth.

For starters, 3 of Morley’s most popular Mini pedals are launched in the new design, but as mentioned more will follow. And in this NAMM 2018 video report from Top Guitar, Morley’s Scott Flesher presents the news:

KUCR Radio also caught Morley’s Bill Wenzloff at the NAMM Media Preview day, happening the day before the actual show kicked off. Here, Bill takes us a few steps back and shares the background story of Morley and how they developed into the company they are today, as well as elaborating on some of the innovative technologies that Morley has come up with and still use with great success today.

These innovations include using an optical design instead of using potentiometers and the switchless concept that turns the pedals on and off automatically, but ultimately always with the goal to preserve the original and beloved sound, while at the same time bringing the pedals into a modern setting, offering new features that make life as a gigging and recording musician easier and more fun.

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