MORLEY George Lynch Dragon 2 Wah Demo

Co-created by one of the top axemen of the golden era of Glam Metal, this Wah pedal has all the swagger of its human namesake. Even the raging red dragon on the front is pure 80’s.

Ranked #68 on “100 Greatest Guitarists Of All Time” by Guitar World magazine (2004), George Lynch is considered to be one of the most influential and famous 80’s metal guitarists. Best known for his work with Dokken – one of the more underrated “hair metal” bands of the time – critics have noted Lynch’s unique playing style and impressively sharp, clean solos.

The Dragon 2 signature Wah pedal is Morley’s way of honoring this legacy. With a switchless and electro-optical circuitry, there are not pots to get scratchy or wear out on this pedal. It features two Wah modes “Wah” and “WOW” – the latter designed specifically for heavily distorted tone” – and has Loudness controls for both modes.

Naturally, the pedal is True Bypass and the cold-rolled steel housing means that it is built like a tank – ready for a lifetime of spandex, perms and shredding like a maniac.


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