MORLEY How To Fix Tone Suck With The Buffer Boost

If you hang out on message boards, you know that guitarists hate “tone suck” – and the gear they believe creates it – more than anything. It’s high time we kill it, and kill it good.

Indeed, Morley’s Buffer Boost is intended to prevent the loss of level and sound quality that can occur when several stompboxes are linked together – or you’re forced to use long cable chains.

As the pedal’s name suggests, sonic improvement is achieved via a buffer circuit that adds some extra oomph, at either the front or end of the signal chain, as desired. In addition, up to 20dB of controllable clean boost is on tap and tailor-made for solo work.

The control layout is as simple as it gets, with a level pot plus an on/off footswitch, while red LEDs indicate power and boost operation.

Where you introduce the Buffer Boost in your signal chain is a matter of personal preference, although using it first in chain – before any other effects – is usually considered best practice. However, depending your other pedals and the overall level of boost you engage, you might experience better results placing the Buffer Boost last in in your signal chain. You’ll have to experiment a bit, but wherever it ends up going, it will successfully combat whatever tone suckage you’re experiencing.

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