MORLEY The DJ Ashba Skeleton Is the Spookiest Wah Yet

New for NAMM 2017. Morley just released the DJ Ashba Skeleton signature wah that has a ton of tricks up its sleeve, one of which is very visual.

The DJ Ashba Skeleton signature wah pedal shares a lot of the great features found on other Morley pedals, including switchless design quick clip battery door and electro-optical approach which means no mechanical parts that can wear out and bring in noise to your precious guitar signal.

But unique to this signature pedal is a voicing and range that was adjusted entirely to the likings of DJ Ashba, as well as his personal graphics design – and of course… the fact that this baby glows in the dark! Yep, it’s fluorescent, which will not only look extremely cool, but also make sure you can always find your wah pedal even on the darkest of stages!

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