MORLEY Cliff Burton Power Fuzz Wah Review

Reinventing the 70’s Morley Power Fuzz Wah used by Metallica’s original bass player, this is a fitting offering to Burton’s memory, combining classic Wah with fuming fuzz.

Known for his deft fingering and distorted Wah sound, Morley’s electronic memorial to Cliff Burton certainly invokes a sonic image of the man himself. With the proper skill applied, it will have you recreating the epic solo of “(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth” or the hyperactive shockwaves of “The Call of Ktulu” in no time.

The cool thing is that you can use both Wah and fuzz independently or together, with the combined sounds really opening up the possibilities for heavy metal excellence.

You control the vintage Wah effect with a simple Level control, while the Fuzz can be adjusted by Level and Intensity knobs – as well as by a Vintage/Modern switch.

As with all Morley products, the pedal is nigh indestructible – housed in cold-rolled steel and powered by a simple 9V battery (or an optional Morley adapter).

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