MORLEY Buffer Boost Demo by Morley’s Own Bill Wenzloff

As the name kind of indicates, Morley’s Buffer Boost is a dual-sided pedal with two distinct purposes in one housing. First of all, it’s an always-on signal buffer, but secondly it also features a clean boost circuit that you can use to lift your overall signal or push the drive channel on your amp into next-level saturation.

But why do I need a buffer in the first place? Well, maybe you don’t It depends on your overall setup, but chances are that if you have a bunch of pedals on your board and if you use fairly long cables, there is a risk that somewhere along the signal chain, you will have a unit that sucks out your otherwise amazing tone. A buffer helps removing that issue.

Now, that we have that sorted, the clean booster in this pedal adds a whopping 20 dB of gain that you can use to simply raise your overall level or in conjunction with the drive channel on your amp or a dedicated overdrive pedal, you can push it even harder for super nice lead sounds.

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