GENZLER Rocks the World of Bass the World

The two bass aficionados of Bass the World takes on a Genzler Magellan 800 and Bass Array 12-3 cabs for a cool round of in-depth reviewing and demoing. And they clearly liked what they heard from this punchy rig.

All features and specs are being covered and evaluated, but the best part is that apart from hearing about it, they also do a series of demonstrations with a variety of different basses so you can actually hear right then and there what they are talking about.

One point that they stress is that the A/B Contour feature makes is a super versatile amp that will take you from slapping to dusty and vintage-like tones at a twist of a knob. Also, they dig into the built-in drive, and as they conclude this is not a high-gain distortion, which it was never meant to be, but rather a warm tube-ish overdrive.

From a sonic perspective, they refer to the Magellan 800 as a blank canvas that can basically become anything that you’re looking for in your core bass sound. No matter what it actually is that you’re on the outlook for.

As they state: “I personally think it’s one of the best-sounding Class D amps out there.” And that’s a pretty significant claim, because there are a ton of them ‘out there’ these days!

When it comes to the Bass Array cabs, they find that the combination of a 12″ woofer and the smaller ‘line array’ in front is just brilliant. We agree. It’s about time that someone takes on new approaches to bass cabs and come up with innovative solutions, and the Bass Array cabs are great examples of exactly that!

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