DIMARZIO Zach Householder of Whitechapel on the D Activator 7

Some music is just so evil that you need to tune low and go for 7 strings. That is what Zach Householder of Whitechapel does, and he loaded his guitar with DiMarzio D Activator 7 pickups.

According to Zach, he can tune super low, but still stand out in the mix while sounding organic and natural at the same time. Also, he stresses that low notes stand out alone more than he has ever experienced before.

Like the 6-string version, the bridge D Activator 7™ has a very focused attack that hits the amp hard and makes it “feel” more powerful than it actually specs out to be. DiMarzio also wanted to avoid the limiting effect that can occur with active pickups when they are played hard. Their pickup is passive with a lot of headroom, and it responds quickly and accurately to changes in pick attack. A hard pick attack doesn’t cause the signal to flatten out, and picking more softly or rolling the volume control down lets the sound clean up naturally. Like all passive pickups, D Activators™ require controls with a minimum value of 250Kohms. 500K is the standard all around value, and our 1Megohm tone control is best for long cable runs.

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