DIMARZIO Richie Kotzen on the Twang King and The Chopper T

Richie Kotzen of The Winery Dogs knows how to twang a Telecaster good! We bet he can make any Tele sound great, but why not go for the best of the best anyway? So, he did and stuffed his Fender Customshop with a DiMarzio Twang King in the neck position and a The Chopper T at the bridge.

Richie has many demands for his pickups, but both of these pickups deliver the tone, sustain and not least dynamic range that he needs to truly express himself through the music. Each of the pickups obviously has unique characteristics, but both in isolation and in combination, they come through in every way, which you get to hear in this video. Both the gritty and crunchy tones and clean funky rhythm playing simply oozes with attitude and defined sound.

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