DIMARZIO Paul Gilbert Shows Off New PG13 Mini Humbuckers

Paul Gilbert is one crazy guy – we think that has been established long ago. But the good kind of crazy, of course! And he is also a curious guy who wanted to find out what the difference is between full-size humbuckers, singcoils and a mini humbucker. So he installed a pair in his guitar!

One reason for trying this out was that some of Gilbert’s own guitar heroes such as Johnny Winter and Pete Townsend played mini humbucker-equipped guitars. Well, according to Paul Gilbert himself, bioling it all down to one word the key experience to him was simply ‘clarity’. “It still has the beef, it’s not harsh. Just worked right away! I just plugged in and played and went like “This is goooood!” 

But hey, why not just listen how the PG13 neck and bridge mini humbucker PG13’s by DiMarzio actually sound in the hands of Paul Gilbert. Plenty of sound demos in this video, including with the band, as well as each pickup in isolation using clean sounds, crunchy tones and full-on distortion madness.

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