DIMARZIO Paul Gilbert Demos the PAF Master Pickups

Do like Paul – give your electric guitar a treat with a pair of DiMarzio PAF Master pickups! As you can see, Paul is not only enjoying the PAF Masters, he is living and breathing the amazing tone he gets out of them.

In this video, Paul Gilbert demonstrates each of the PAF Master pickups one at a time, starting with the bridge pickup (DP261) and then the neck pickup (DP260). One of the things that he emphasizes is the vast dynamic range these pickups give him. He admits to love ‘loud’, but also get a kick out of being able to adjust his playing dynamically and get the response he would expect from the pickups. As he puts it: “It does everything that I want, that’s exactly what I want! And sometimes, it even gives me more than I want.”

The video is from 2014, but the PAF Master pickups still rock hard – just like Paul Gilbert!

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