DIMARZIO Nita Strauss Demos Her Signature Pandemonium Pickups

When Nita Strauss was in the design process of her signature Ibanez guitar, an opportunity to also work with DiMarzio on some signature pickups arose – and she took it. Please meet the Pandemoniums!

The Nita Strauss signature guitar has a mahogany body and ebony fingerboard, and in order to keep the weight down, it is a very slim guitar. They did manage to keep it at a weight of just a little over 3kg – and that was in part why Nita saw (and heard) a need for some serious pickups. Because when you cut down on the wood, you usually sacrifice some of the natural sustain.

Luckily, well-designed pickups can help solve that problem. Enter Larry DiMarzio and his team of pickup wizards…

So, apart from sustain Nita also wanted a tone with plenty of bite and attack – and no noise. The first time she discussed it with DiMarzio, she basically asked for something that was like if the D Activator and the Evolution pickups had a baby!

Larry DiMarzio agreed that was possible and the path was set. Ultimately, they decided on the name Pandemonium for the new pickups and they look just as killer as they sound.

Oh, and in between the Pandemoniums Nita went for her absolute favorite single coil of all time: the DiMarzio True Velvet.

But let Nita explain herself – and also demo how they actually sound in this video. In a band mix, on their own with plenty of distortion and with a clean sound, covering each pickup on its own as well as in combination. Lean back and rock on!

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