DIMARZIO “Djentle” Pickups For Tosin Abasi

When you’re playing some of today’s most genre-defying, modern heavy music on your 8-string guitar, you need dedicated pickups that can handle the diverse dynamics of it all.

A self-taught guitarist, Tosin Abasi heads the group Animals As Leaders, perhaps the most ground-breaking progressive metal band of the current generation. One of the secrets to their success is the accessibility of their music, something that has garnered praise from veterans like Steve Vai. Resisting the lure of so many prog bands to create songs that go well into a double-digit runtime, Tosin and his crew keep things concise – and on their latest album keep each song to three to four parts per song, allowing the band to really distil each song to its essential parts.

However, for each part to ring true you need your instrument to be able to respond with sophistication and clarity and this led Abasi to team up with DiMarzio to develop the ‘Ionizer 8’ series, which currently include a Neck, Bridge, and Middle pickup. It was a process that took nearly two years to complete, but as you can hear, it was well worth the wait.

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