DI MARZIO The Cruiser Neck Pickup in Demo

DiMarzio pickups always sound amazing. Sure, each of them sound different, because players are different and have different preferences. If you are to smooth tone and great dynamics, you have to check out The Cruiser.

This video is a no-nonsense demo where David Macara Brown just noodles around with The Cruiser in the neck position of a Stratocaster. But the sound… Wow! With a slightly crunchy and bluesy tone he really makes this pickup stand out as one of the smoothest and most cool-sounding you’ll ever find to upgrade your Strat. David’s own comment on the pickup is also pretty short and sweet: “Incredible smooth tone with tons of dynamic range and response to pick articulation. If you have a strat just buy one, trust me.”

Yup! Sometimes all you need is to hear a pickup without a lot of technical details and explanations to follow. Just listen and we’re sure you’ll agree that if you’re into that type of bluesy tone, this pickup does a killer job. As does David!

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