AQUARIAN Drumheads in Direct Comparison with Stock Drumheads

Different moves, different grooves. Different strokes, different folks. Sure, we all hear things differently and have a unique set of preferences, but when you hear this A/B test there is no denial that Aquarian just adds more beef!

The Drum Coaches on YouTube did this neat video where they test the stock drumheads on a kit against Aquarian’s Deep Vintage II double ply drumheads. In short, what you gain from that swap is much deeper sounding heads on contemporary drums without the loss of resonance. Aquarian’s multi-ply vacuum tuning process eliminates dead air spots and adds depth and durability to these two 10mil plies. And the slightly thicker vintage coating is for more than just a great and classic look; it slows the vibration of the head and results in a lower, warmer tone with a softer feel.

The Deep Vintage II drumheads simply bring the truly authentic sound of traditional calfskin heads to the modern drum and drummer, but with better performance results and they look as good as they sound! Not sure about that? Hit the play button on the below video and just wait for it to blend from stock drumheads to Aquarian drumheads, and we’re pretty sure you’ll never go back to those stock drumheads ever again. 😉

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